AC4P Wristbands


AC4P wristbands are used to recognize individuals for actively caring. They can be used to cultivate more compassion in your school, organization, or throughout a community. Who do you want to recognize?

Get Started (10 wristbands, $10). 

With ten wristbands, you will experience the impact of recognizing AC4P behavior with wristbands. Be prepared for smiles, appreciation, and the initiation of new friendships.

Take The Challenge (30 wristbands, $30). 

Take the challenge: Recognize a new person every day for a month (30 days).

Start A Culture Shift (100 wristbands, $100). 

A culture shift begins with your AC4P actions. With 100 wristbands, take the challenge of enriching your organization and community by spreading AC4P to your friends and colleagues.


*For Schools - Youth Size* 

To place an order for "youth-size" wristbands, please select the youth wristband options at 10, 30 or 100 wristbands. Please contact us directly at for more information on our AC4P program for schools.